Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Why do I love twitter? Let me tell you.

1. The symbol is a bird. I really like birds. There are three paintings of birds hanging on my wall- mind you Kathryn admitted to me last year she thought they were ugly, but they aren't. They are from Hobby Lobby for heaven's sake. Whatever, she was homeschooled. I also just purchased three notebooks and two folders with bird designs. Lastly, I just changed the background of this blog. Don't be surprised if you see a few birds flying around by the title. Birds are like so in.

2. It is okay to inform people of useless information. I used to shun these people on facebook, but I now welcome them and encourage them to tweet whenever they feel led. This does come with a few exceptions. After following all of the hot celebs duh, I came to a gut wrenching realization. Justin Bieber is a horrible tweeter. I began to debate, pray and slave over the decision of if I should unfollow him. I mean its the Biebs, you can't just ditch him. But he was taking up all of twittersphere with his endless amount of retweets from tween girls so he just had to go. I think my heart broke a little that night.

3. I still do not fully understand hashtags, but I like to use them out loud more than on twitter because I can never think of them when it is crunch time. They just come to me ya know? I am sure you understand.

4. Kambly is going to be annoyed of this post. Because I, Anna Sheridan Flagg, used to dislike twitter. This MAY come to you as a shock, but I would even go as far to say that I was a twitter judger or even a twitter hater. But secretly deep down, I knew there was something more to life. After countless times of looking at twitter on Kam's phone and wondering what on earth all this fuss was about, I realized it was time. So on the blessed day of February 18, 2011, I entered twitter world. I think going from a twitter hater to a twitter lover has really made it even more special.

5. I have used the word twitter now nine times in this post and I am not even annoyed. Wanna know why?

Because I love twitter.

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