Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello to all my faithful reader(s). Sorry for my long leave of absence. I have been at camp for a bundle of weeks now, and this poor bloggy of mine has received the shaft. Anywho, camp is going swimmingly, and I would prefer to never leave, but unfortunately I cannot live here forever. God has taught me so much this summer- some of which will probably make its way onto this blog sometime in the future. It has not always been easy, as it is emotionally and physically draining (I never knew I had this many sweat glands). It has been so awesome though to be serving in community with so many Christ followers, and the Lord has really blessed my time here so far. I was able to see my parents last weekend for a little San Antonio Weekend, and my roomies/besties came in this weekend. They left approximately one hour ago, and I already miss them. Here is a little bit of my fun here so far. Be back sometime soon...pinky promise.

Reppin the spice girls. If you have not ever seen the movie spiceworld I highly recommend it...what a treat.

Can you even see us with all the camo?

My wonderful co-Kelly Travis!

just chillin...obviously

sweet blake...who says I can't play favorites?