Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today in magazine writing class, my teacher talked about creativity. And for the first time in a couple of weeks, I was actually paying attention. Senioritis okay- chill. I hadn't gotten the kind of grades I had wanted on my last few assignments, and I began to think that maybe I just was not cut out to write or that I was wasting my time. Granted, one was a restaurant review, and unfortunately, no one cares about how the kid's chicken fingers taste. But today's lesson reminded me of exactly why I write, and why you probably write too.

Creativity comes in different forms for each person- for some it is music or dancing, and for others it may be painting or building. The thing about creativity is that is universal. Creativity has no limit on age, gender, religion or physical condition.

After all, God is a creator. And in some pathetic and tiny way, when I create, I know that it is important to Him. For me, it is writing. Though I do enjoy a good needlepoint.

When I actually sit and write something down, I learn and discover things about myself and the world around me. It can be ugly and messy, but if I linger there long enough, I can usually find the goodness too. Reminding me that when I wander, it might just be worthwhile. And that freedom can be found in writing the truth.

Anne Lamott says to write what you know. I think she is a pretty smart lady and despite the fact that she is about 50 years old and has dreads, I think I will take her advice.