Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello blogworld peeps. It has been awhile- since December 13, 2010 to be exact. It is 2011 now.

I am currently sitting in my room- my CLEAN room. This is rare, you see. I usually try really hard to keep my room clean, but somehow by some hand of Satan it never stays clean. If it is a little messy, it only gets messier. And this vicious cycle continues until I finally decided I cannot take it anymore and tell myself I will not let it get this messy again. But what does my room do? It goes behind my back and simply makes a disastrous mess. It is very rude of my room to be so sneaky.

In other news, it is frigid outside. A literal freezer out there. We did not have power yesterday, and I made the mistake of coming by our duplex at seven last night to grab some belongings. Our parking lot was empty and there were no lights on- obviously. Our alley had become even creepier than before. I ran up the stairs, tripped on the stairs, ran up the rest of the stairs and was out of our scary, freezing house in under a minute. Baylor took it like a champ though- and since I love to learn and go to class and mingle with my professors I was so excited that we still had class. PTL. Some of those Dallas folk were able to stay warm and cozy inside, but it is okay- I am not jealous at all. I have memories from Vegas to keep me warm, not to mention some cold hard cash.

For my 21st birthday, the fam and I hit up Sin City. We saw the Beatles Cirque du Soleil, and let me be the first to tell you that I feel changed. There were people folding their bodies in half, roller skating on ramps, trapezing up to the ceiling, jumping on trampolines, and much more. You should just go because I cannot even begin to explain it. Dad spent most of his time on the video poker or blackjack slots. He would put money in, and they would take it- that is pretty much how it went. Though he continued to play because he said it was fun. Losing money is not fun. That is why I won money. I thoroughly enjoyed the fountains at the Bellagio. The first song we heard them dance to was Celine Dion, and I was impressed. Then, fifteen minutes later, the fountains moved to Andrea Bocelli. What. a. treat. Move over Celine because Andrea is here and can rock it like you never could. I took more pictures of the fountain than any other thing- why drink or gamble when you can watch fountains. They can go higher than this I promise...and in ripples, and such, but this is my favorite picture so leave the rest up to your imagination.

Well I would like to stay and chat some more, but Chuy's and that tafter Em are calling my name. Until next time...

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