Tuesday, May 11, 2010

College grad.

Though I am sad to see Austin leave me as the only Flagg here at Baylor, I am very excited for him. He has landed an internship this summer with the PGA Tour-I guess they didn't really interview or something? Who knows. If you know Austin at all though, you know he loves golf. This will be perfect for him. I think that whatever happens after the internship, whether he gets a full time job or has to go elsewhere, this experience won't be forgotten. We have been able to spend four days in Florida seeing where he is going to live, work and play. I think this internship is going to help the hard transition from college to the work world because this job is going to be fun for him. Yes it is going to be hard and tedious at times, but I have no doubt he will finish with many new friends and will have changed people for the better. Go get em! Don't mess up, we are all counting on you. Just kidding.

Playing here every week is supposed to be work?

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  1. oh goody. i was hoping you'd blog about your weekend! Glad you got to see where Aussie will be playing. I mean, working... Love you!