Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I literally have nothing for you. Not that you usually come to my blog for too much insight. If so, I would stay far away from this post. Just some thoughts for this Tuesday afternoon...

-I wonder if I should take a nap now or just go to bed early tonight
-Why doesn't Glee start right now?
-I should not have eaten a kolache and two donuts today
-I wonder if Kam is home from Dairy Queen yet
-I should organize my iphoto so I do not have to see homecoming 06 every time I open it
-Kam is home
-What am I going to do tonight
-What am I going to do the second half of the summer
-What am I going to do with my life
-cookie dough
-these bullets are obnoxious...remind me not to list anything ever again
-I wish John Mayer would come and play guitar for me while I nap
-Guess that means I have decided to nap

1 comment:

  1. Oh good. Glad you blogged today. I was going to text you and bug you about it. I like the list. As usual, I find you humorous. Thanks for the entertainment.