Monday, March 22, 2010


I realized that too much has happened lately (GO BEARS) for me not to blog about it. So if you do not want to hear about my life, I would stop reading (all 3 of you) baha. March Madness is a wonderful time. This is the time I can do nothing but watch TV and not get judged for it. The tournament has been crazy this year...Kansas? Anyways, after a win over Sam Houston State (barely) a few of my roomies and me went to houston for the rodeo! Friday afternoon, Kam, Laur, Kath (they sound cooler in abbrevs) and I hit the road! Too bad it ended up with me driving while the rest read their books about fairies...wait excuse me, kath reads normal books. The other two do not; but that's besides the point. When we were almost there, they were asleep. Guess they were not interested in me showing them my dentist office, where I went to middle school and other REALLY important things that I thought they should know. We finally made it home to momma. She had grapes waiting for us...she knows us well! We got ready and ate some yummy tacos then headed to reliant stadium. We looked around at the exhibits, the petting zoo and then got to the actual rodeo in time to see bull riding. We decided that Kathryn needs to marry a cowboy. She thinks she needs a Seth Cohen...we disagree. I am pretty sure we know what we are talking about. Lauren got pumped for the mutton bustin. If you are not familiar with this, you let your 5 year old ride a sheep until they fall off. Having a baby soon? Make sure and get them into this field...because what parent wouldn't want their child to participate in this? Eli Young finally came on. They were wonderfully entertaining! The drummer is one sexy piece. I pretty much spent the entire night trying to get a good photo of him...Kath was more successful than me. Here are some pics from our adventure!

BBFLs duh.

Kam being awk.


regretting our decision to eat fried oreos, fried cookiedough, and more things that become awkward when fried.
We came back saturday in time to see Baylor beat Old Dominion! After this we got ready and headed to pledge dance as the Jetsons. The family took over the dance floor and danced the night away.

Kam's costume was a hit; as well as a good prop for the dance floor. We wont lie that we liked the attention she brought us.

jane...HIS WIFE! (just doing my thing). Only TRUE Jetsons fans would understand this. Well that's all!

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  1. OMG. So many funny things...First, you called a guy sexy. Writing has made you bolder, my friend. And then the Jetsons. That is too cute. Welcome back to the world of blogging!