Thursday, March 8, 2012


I would like to apologize for my short (long) leave of abscence. What can I say- October, November, December, January and February were boring?

I have always loved music, and I have had impeccable taste from the beginning. My very first CD was Leanne Rimes- the 14 year old who looked 40 on her album cover. But I listened to "You Light Up My Life" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on repeat because they are just like the cover specifcally notes- inspirational. And let's face it, I was inspired.

See what I mean? On another note, please notice her left hand. We just won't go there.

Let's rewind a few years...

At the ripe age of 9, I bought my first two cassette tapes. I was with the family at Wharehouse Music- THE hot spot to buy all of the latest tunes in the thriving metropolis that is Sugar Land, Texas. Sadly, it is closed now thanks to Napster, Kazaa, Itunes, ect.

I had a gift card from my birthday so I took some time perusing the store. I ended up being drawn to an NYSNC tape. My best friend Autumn talked about them and told me they were all the rage. I had to have it. "Space Cowboy" really is a work of art. JC Chasez quickly became my favorite. I would read fun facts about him-for instance, he hates shots. Fascinating. I was always pretty pleased with myself that Justin Timberlake was not my favorite because he was everyone's favorite. Some of my friends liked Lance Bass, but thankfully I didn't jump on that train. NSYNC was always and will always be better than the Backstreet Boys. There was no competition- NSYNC danced while they sang and the Backstreet Boys sat on stools. The reasoning is simple. Get off your rear ends and move around BB.

JC is in the middle.

The next 15 minutes, I walked around the store deciding how to spend the rest of my money. Deana Carter caught my eye. She was sitting in a field of flowers and looked pretty pleased with herself. I popped the headphones in and listened to her stuff. This girl was GOOD. I could not wait to listen to Deana in my lime green boom box.

At school the next day, I casually mentioned my new cassette tapes to my friends. One of my classmates, Marshall, said his 15 year old sister loves Deana Carter (score). My favorite song was Strawberry Wine. I liked it because it talked about strawberries and about 17 year olds. So sophisticated.

In middle school, I came to find out my childhood had been a lie. My precious, innocent Deana Carter was not so innocent. Her Strawberry Wine song was about losing her virginity. I was appalled that this blonde, wildflower loving woman would sing about such things.

I ended up forgiving her by high school.

I miss Wharehouse Music, Deana and JC...not really LeAnn though.

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  1. oh man - that CD of Leann's was my first CD too! I think the second CD I tried to buy was Alanis, only because I heard "Ironic" on the radio and liked it. Diane was slightly appalled that it had the parental advisory sticker and quickly vetoed that purchase.