Thursday, September 16, 2010

twenty one.

Someone near and dear to my heart is 21. That person is Kambly Caldwell. Besides living up to the coolness of her name, she enjoys Coca Cola, going to the lake, rompers, her roommates, Delta Delta Delta (naturally), Glee, speaking in accents, Mumford and Sons, her Mac computer, painting her nails with the colors that OPI provides her, Fred Astaire, the town of Austin, jillian workouts, The Newsies, dance parties, taking/editing photos, her iphone FOUR, sales at Anthropologie, candles, anything that smells yummy, flexting, twittering, creeping on facebook, changing facebook profile pictures, talking about studying, sitting on the porch, blading (roller), hey-telling, finding new music, her family, laying on Lauren's bed, painting, being small, fall parties, creeping on people, being really strange (but still cool as I previously mentioned), and lastly, being called "Miss Caldwell" by small children every morning at school.

Almost two years ago...the beginning of our love triangle. Get it? Like go tri-delt.

And then here is a literal triangle.

Happy Birthday Kambly. I love you forever and ever!

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  1. you are the BEST. FRIEND. can you believe we met in line at fright night? thank goodness. i'll love you always and forever.