Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's my blog and I'll post when I want to.

I know my updates have been far and few between -hence the sassy title of this post. Have no fear though, this summer has been GOOD. And I mean almost as good as the crispy veggie rolls from Thai Cottage II. Well, instead of dishing out juicy dets about my life, I would like to go into something deeper with you. I know, I know, you are SO curious about my life, but dry your tears because this is better.

I know what you are thinking after simply reading the title: She is a horrible blogger who seems kind of uptight OR her title sounds just like the song "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." Let's hope you are thinking the latter. Well my friends, let us divulge into that old song shall we? If you are like me, the only time you hear this song is...wait when do you hear this song? I for one cannot bring to memory a certain instance when someone busted out into this chorus. Yes, I would say I have heard it quite a few times in these blessed 20 years, but certain times I cannot recall. I am sure little girls sing it at their birthday parties when they do not get the barbie jeep they wanted, or these days, the iphone that they wanted, but how do they even know this song? It seems to have seeped into our lives with such slyness. Well for anyone interested, I have taken the liberty of researching this age old "hymn."

Lesley Gore wrote "It's My Party" in 1963 at the age of 16. Way to really make a name for yourself at such a young age girlfriend. Meet Lesley:

You want to see a music video? Well no worries because I have got that for ya! Please note that she looks like she does not even belong. She is in business casual attire, aging her about 20 years, but I just can't seem to get over the fact that she looks photoshopped into her own music video. Those youngins behind her sure are gettin' it though.

After watching the music video, you realize you have to give her some slack because she was dealing with a lot here people. Johnny was not giving her the time of day, and in turn he was spitting some game to another girl- Judy. Obviously, Lesley was distraught...I mean it was HER party so she COULD cry if she wanted to. Guess what though? In another song off the same album, Johnny comes back to her. YES! I am sure the world was worried about her after listening to "It's my party," but kudos to you Lesley for getting him back in what probably wasn't a hit entitled "Judy's turn to cry."

Well, I hope that I could educate you today on the origin of a song that, well, we do not really know when or why we sing it. So when you bust it out at your own birthday party, your next bar mitzvah or even (hopefully not) all alone in your room, be assured that Lesley was okay and YOU will be too my friend. Until next time...

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